We promote what’s

100% Local


We offer a variety of services to help our local economy thrive

The Acorn Boxes

Browse and shop a variey of unique curated boxes with products from all over the Atlantic!

Pop-up Events

We love to work with various people to bring awesome pop-up events like markets, art galleries & much more!

Outdoor Summer Market

The market in Greater Moncton Victoria’s park has been cancelled.


We carry a variety of products from all over the Atlantic Provinces

Bacon Jam

Well, if you like bacon, we have no doubt you’ll love this one! Eat it on crackers, cheese, toasts or just about anywhere else you would eat Bacon.


Infused Maple Sirup

How more Canadian can you get? You can either cook with them or pour them on your favourite dessert, in your coffees… & pancakes!


BerNard Chocolates

These specialty chocolate bars made from scratch & love all have an amazing taste with different blends from all around the world!


All Things NB

Want to give the best of of the best from our province? This carefully curated box can bring the feeling of home, even from far away.


Anchored Coffees

How good is it you ask? Let just say that the owner hated coffee until this one. Warning, you might get addicted so consider yourself beeing warned!


Allumoi Soy Wax Candles

With a wooden wick, you’ll sure feel right beside a fireside with the cracking noises. Plus, they are made from soy wax which is definitely better for the environment!



Here's a timeline of our journey so far (p.s. it's just the beginning!)


Opening of the Art Gallery

On December 7th, we officially opened our first art gallery in Moncton, NB. We carried at that time over 30 artists paintings, sculptures & jewelry. I happened so fast because the owner decided to open a gallery a little over a month prior and everything just fell into place.

APRIL 2020

The unexpected

Like many, COVID made us change our plans. That’s when we launched our online store and that was the beginning of a new era for art galleries. We started showing the world that we were resilient and had lots to offer, even during tough times.


Transition To Gift Store

Our main goal was to promote our local talents. We thought we just couldn't just stop at artists, so we started bringing smaller products like soaps & gourmet foods to our collections. These combined with the art made our store was truly like a treasure chest with hidden gems in all the corners.

APRIL 2021

New Chapter

Even though the store was doing well, we had many ideas and plans in mind that we had to make the tough decisions to close down the physical part of the store. Our focus will now be directed at events like pop-up art galleries & markets.


Mathieu Hébert

Owner & Artist

Shannon Beers

Graphic Designer

We also have an amazing team of people supporting us in the background. They help us be who are today and we couldn't be more proud of them!