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Mickael and Jen
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We are Mickael and Jen, a couple of bee-loving wanderlusts who met in the Australian outback, got married in France, and then bought a honey farm on a far-flung island in Atlantic Canada.

When we swapped out our backpacks for bee suits, little did we know that our biggest adventures were waiting for us on Prince Edward Island.

Today, we are caretakers to 350 colonies of bees and two tiny honey-loving humans.

For us, Canoe Cove Honey is more than just a business, it's a way of life that aligns with our values.

Through our beekeeping, we honour nature and strive to contribute to a healthier planet. Building a more sustainable food system is very important to us and we work in partnership with our incredible bees to do just that.

Our Bee Ethos

Take care of Mother Nature and she'll take care of you. It's just that beautifully simple.

Our raison d'être is equally simple – we are the keepers of the bees. That's why our first commitment is to the health of our 350 colonies.

And in nature's symbiotic way, we know that when we take care of the bees, they will thrive and provide the purest nectar.

What does taking great care of the bees entail? Here at Canoe Cove Honey, we believe it means keeping them as naturally as possible. It means respecting the innate behaviours of our bees and supporting their collective activities as nature's busiest workers.

We keep our bees away from harmful chemical spraying. We observe our colonies day in and day out. Regular brood patterns and potential threats, such as pests and parasites, are always top of mind. We overwinter our worker bees.

We breed our own queen bees and select based on strong genetics, such as successful overwintering, disease resistance, and honey production. We also breed for calm worker bees, making it possible for us to provide tours.

And we know that you care just as deeply as we do about where your food comes and how it was produced. That's why we guarantee that every drop of Canoe Cove Honey is directly from our hives. We never outsource or buy from other beekeepers, because our honey is our bond.

Canoe Cove Honey