Tib's Cosmetics ı How did it started

We personally love things that are all natural. There's already plenty of chemicals everywhere. Either in the air or the ground, so if we can find ways to limit our footprint, we are all up for it!

Luckily, there's plenty of local entrepreneurs that have the same idea as us. The one we are presenting today is Andreea from Tib's Cosmetics.

Why Tib's?

The name is inspired by her son, Tiberiu. Her daily inspiration and motivation to pursue her passion in order to offer a great life to him.

It all started in her home country, Romania. It really is a passion for her, that turned into a job. She always wants to exceed her recipes to create a truly unique product. It does not seem like much, but for some products, it took her over 20 times to perfect it. (Now that's what you call devotion!)

Now in late 2019, Andreea though she should go on a business venture with what she had created so far. She launched Tib's in may 2020 without any help, only with her own investments. It was a learning curve as she signed up for small entrepreneurship and business class to learn that side of owning a business. She studies in geology so this was a 180 turn for her, but she loves every minute of it.

In November 2020, she participated in a contest by Women in Business New Brunswick, which she has won first place! For her, this was more than a prize. It confirmed that she was on the right track.

With all of this, Andrea was still working a full time job as well as being a mom. She believes in her company so much, that's why she still has the drive to pursue this venture.

“ When life gives you lemon... you make a scrub! ”

- Andreea

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