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  • Moncton Local Shopping Guide 2022

    Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special someone in Moncton? Sometime, searching for the items can end up being way harder than it should be. That's why we have created a small local shopping guide with all the places you can find unique items. Our goal is to promote the individuals & the small local business owners so that it becomes easier for everyone to support our local economy. To be redirected to each business main website, simply click on the picture in each description! Table of content Babies & Children Spiritual Shops Gift Shops Art Galleries Unique Food Store For The Home Health Store Clothing Various BABIES & CHILDREN SPIRITUAL SHOPS GIFT SHOPS ART GALLERIES UNIQUE FOOD STOPS FOR THE HOME HEALTH STORE CLOTHING VARIOUS Did we miss some? If you have more suggestions of stores we might have missed or just haven't discovered yet, feel free to message us or comment below and we will add it to the list!

  • 5 Local Shops Around the Greater Moncton Area for Holiday shopping

    Even though your favorite big box store is having issues this year with supplies, the local shops don't seem to big affected that much of this problem. Since these shops sell from local manufacturers, entrepreneurs or artisans, their products aren't necessarily coming from overseas. This means they most likely have enough inventory on hand for you to find amazing gift ideas! We've compiled a small list of amazing, unique little shops around the Greater Moncton area for you to pay a visit. These are the small places with lots of character that truly makes you smile once you've entered their doors! Blooms Flower Shop Sackville NB Welcome to a wonderful place for all of those flower & plant lovers, located in Sackville, NB (about 40 minutes from Moncton NB). Enter a universe full of greenery and small whimsical, cute & sometime funny items for your home or your lifestyle. With a mandate to reduce their environmental footprint by recycling materials & buying local products, this is one of our favorite places in the region. Maritime Craft Shirt & More Shediac NB With over 90 local artisans & entrepreneurs, this duo has helped bring awareness of what's available to buy locally. Situated at the back of the mall in Shediac, NB (20 minutes from Moncton), it's the kind of store you really have to take your time. It is packed with amazing products from jams, bath bombs, knitted hats, photography, art & more! Wendy Johnston Pottery & Art Hopewell Cape NB A unique gem with an amazing view of the Petitcodiac river located next to the Albert County Museum (30 minutes from Moncton). Wendy Johnston Pottery and Art Effects Fine Craft Gallery carries the work of over 125 local artists and artisans from all over the Atlantic. She creates colorful and unique pieces of pottery that truly complements all of the wonderful gift ideas she has in this small, yet packed gift store. My Home Mercantile Moncton, NB Now this is what you call an ever changing store. Located in Moncton NB, with their flagship store in Truro in Nova Scotia, they have new products for every season, holiday & celebrations. The best part is that they carry products solely made in Canada. Lots of items are truly unique & sometimes, really funny! Deux Pépins & Apple Art Gallery Moncton, NB Situated within the Apple Art Gallery on the second floor is the Deux Pépins gift store, the gallery's boutique side. What started as a side thing to the gallery turned out to be much more. It truly is simply a passion for anything local that brought to light this new project for the owner. Find fine craft & products from all over the Atlantic and fall in love with the natural beauty of the artists! CONCLUSION There are plenty more small shops available in the region, it just takes a quick search online to find them. Just because we have not added them to the list, does not mean they aren't deserving of a visit from you! Do you have any shops that you personally love to go to? Share it below in the comments!

  • How To Support Your Local Maritime Business (even without money)

    It has always been important to support your local businesses for many reasons, but now more than ever they need our help. The impact goes way behind the simple act of supporting. It creates jobs, grows the local economy and helps your neighbors, friends and family members have a living. There are more ways to help than having to break to bank to support that small coffee shop, restaurant or clothing boutique. Things that are essentially free for you, but means so much more for those people owning those places. In the Maritimes, we are lucky to have so much variety when it comes to small businesses. We will explore a little bit more how you can be part of the solution. There are many ways that you might find surprising, but it still makes a difference! QUICK STARTING GUIDE: Buy Local: Choose locally owned, give gift cards, shop online from small businesses Get digital: Visit their websites, rates their business, engage with their social media Gratitude: Let them know you appreciate them in person! HOW TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES TODAY Shop local or online: Many locally owned stores now have an online presence. You can easily pick up in store, get it delivered or shipped to your placed. The holidays are a great time to support them, but don't forget about them for the rest of the year. One step at a time: Whether slowly switching your habits to buy locally made products to simply choosing a local restaurant instead of those big brands with all know about. Even if it's just choosing the coffee of a small owned coffee place, consider it as your treat of the week! Gift cards: Purchasing them and giving them to friends/family helps the business not only know they are being supported, but it means the people who you give them to might discover those places and become regulars as well. Order takeout/delivery: Many restaurants have made a tremendous shift in the past years to become more “virtual”. This includes ordering online and having their food ready at your fingertips. The bonus part is that you can order in advance and skip the lines! Online classes: Many yoga teachers, artists or just about anybody who does in person classes might have options to offer their services online. It is maybe not convenient, but you can access to teachers you might have not otherwise been able to (especially if they live in another city). Tipping: Even if it's just 5%, every tip adds up. They might have been affected lately with less hours, so adding a little sparkle of joy won't hurt them. Gifting in advance: Do you have family or friends birthday's coming up? Want to give a gift to your customers, workers or clients? Choose something from that small gift store in your town. If it can be something made locally, even better! Search closer to home before going to the giants: Looking for a soap, beer or just about anything else? Before buying from the giants in the industry, do a little research to see if you can find it locally or some alternative. You would be surprised how it is not as expensive as you might of thought. Plus, you can maybe get it faster. HOW TO SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES (FOR FREE!) Social Media: Share their posts, interact with their pages or leave them good reviews. It takes 5 seconds or less to help them. By getting their businesses more exposures, you help them grow by having new clients potentially visiting them. Reviews: Simply leaving them a review on social media or search engines, entice other customers to give them a try. It also helps them grow as a business by building the trust in between the clients & the business. 5 stars reviews suggested! Newsletters: Don't worry, most businesses barely send any email. They understand nobody likes to be spammed. Plus, they might have special deals & info you would of known about otherwise. Take pictures and share: Go visit their location and take pictures. You can either share it just on your social media profile (and maybe tag them) or show to friends. Spread the word: Nothing is better for a business than word of mouth. Telling your friends, family or co-worker is a great way to show support. Send them a message: Just a simple message to tell them how much you care about them is enough to make someone's day. AT THE END OF THE DAY As long you are choosing and commit to making small steps at the pace you are comfortable with, we are happy. It does not sound that hard right? Feel free to share what you love to do to support below. If you've got another way, feel free to share (and we will add it to the list!).

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  • Maritime Local Gift Shop | NB NS PEI | The Acorn Studio

    DISCOVER NB NS PEI Making it easy to buy local from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. SHOP ALL FOR MOM'S Featuring Makers from ART & CRAFT GOURMET FOODS HOME DECOR #AcornSupport Starting in 2022, The Acorn Studio will give 3% of our sales to non-profit organizations promoting art, culture or community projects in the Maritimes provinces. LEARN MORE MEMORABLE GIFTS FOR ALL! SHOP ALL Recent Blog Posts Moncton Local Shopping Guide 2022 5 Local Shops Around the Greater Moncton Area for Holiday shopping How To Support Your Local Maritime Business (even without money)

  • #AcornSupport | The Acorn Studio

    #AcornSupport Starting in 2022, The Acorn Studio will give 3% of our sales to non-profit organizations promoting art, culture or community projects in the Maritimes provinces. Artistic Values We believe that art & culture should be more present in our community, hence why the #AccornSupport Community Building We strive in bringing people together upon the same goal; promoting our rich community driven organisations in the Maritimes provinces Share Your Story We would like to hear your stories of community building on social media by using the #AcornSupport. 2022 Non Profit Organisations As the year goes, we will add our non profit partners here Want to help? Support Our NFPO's Leave a one time donation & be part of the people who supports our partners! *please note we can't issue a charitable receipt First Name Last Name Email Donate in the name of: arrow&v Honoree name: How did you hear about us? Donate Thank you for helping us make a difference!

  • About Us | The Acorn Studio

    ABOUT US Our Origins DECEMBER 2019 How it all started ​ " A marvelous artist named Ji once told me and I quote "OMG, you should open a gallery, like for real... I'm serious!". So that same day, I looked it up and things seemed quite arduous and costly. I didn't give up and continued the research. Not 4 days later, I had found the location, the name, the website, etc. It just goes to say that when things are meant to be, theywill fall into place. " ​ When you're in the right place at the right time, it's amazing what can happen. It's kind of the feeling that was felt at the time. Knowing that a project was born in such a short time. " Funny story about the naming process of the studio. A few friends of mine would describe me as having a squirrel obsession. I describe it as just having a lot of enthusiasm over those small animals. I wanted something that would embody who I truly am while remaining simple. So I tried The Squirrel Studio, but it just didn't sound appealing. Then I thought about The Nut Studio, but this one sounds a little bit inappropriate. It's at that moment when my friend was laughing about that name that it hit me, The Acorn Studio. " ​ It is often in the least expected moments that genius ideas can emerge. It is in the moments of the present that things are most magnificent. So we must enjoy them and not only live from the past or the future. Even if we no longer have the physical part of the store, we continue our efforts to make discover our beautiful corner of the world through the products from here. Even if this idea started out of the blue, we have evolved into our ultimate goal in promoting everything local. The people in the Atlantic provinces are so creative and we need to showcase them more! There is a lack of awareness and it is our primary mission to help ensure this. That is why we believe in building artistic & entrepreneurial communities built safe from strong foundations in our beautiful regions. ​ - Mathieu Hébert, Owner ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Meet The Team Mathieu Hébert Owner & Artist Shannon Beers Artist & Graphic Designer Curtis Flanagan Business Partner Curt’s General Marketplace Our Mission “ To make locally made products more accessible than ever “ Our Timeline December 2019 - The Opening On December 7th, we officially opened our very first art gallery in Moncton, NB. We carried at that time over 30 artists & artisans art from New Brunswick, PEI or Nova Scotia. Things happened so fast because the owner decided to open The Acorn Studio a little over a month before. That just shows how it was all meant to be! April 2020 - The Unexpected Like many, COVID made us change our plans. That’s when we launched our online store. It was the beginning of a new era for art galleries. We started showing the world that we were resilient and had lots to offer, even during tough times. August 2020 - Switching To A Gift Shop Our main goal was to promote what the Maritime has to offer. We thought we just couldn't just stop at artists, so we started bringing smaller gift-able products like soaps from Nova Scotia or Maple syrups from New Brunswick. These combined with the art truly made the store a gem in the Greater Moncton area. We simply love being able to support our local economy! April 2021 - The Online Store Even though the shop was doing well, we had many ideas and plans in mind that we had to make the tough decisions to close down the physical part of the store (for the time being). Since the online part was doing well, we decided to keep it and focus on bringing different projects to light. May 2021 - Curt's General Marketplace Not even a month after closing the physical part of the store, Mathieu (the owner) received a call from a “stranger” named Curtis. He had just opened his own store called Curt’s General Marketplace and had a few vendors talking good thing about The Acorn Studio. Soon to find out, Mathieu’s plan to organize an outdoor market at Victoria Park fell apart a day before Curt’s call. After a very interesting and productive meeting, both of them decided to join forces and create their new ventures together! They have organized an outdoor market as well as an entrepreneur/crafters market store. More to come from this collaboration! Ordered a couple items for Holiday gifts and I Loved everything I ordered. Thank you for the little extras as well! - Dawn

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